Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Sometimes the simplest things are hidden until God decides to reveal them to us.

Some examples of things recently revealed to me:

James 1: It's all about growth in our Christian walk. I always thought it was about persevering through trial -- but it's all about becoming mature in your Christianity.

Luke 11: 1-13: Tells us to ask God for anything. He will give us what is good for us and whithhold that which is bad for us -- but ask for it all. Keep on asking -- our persistence will be rewarded.

Hebrews 8:19-24: Gives us the conditions for drawing near to God and explains how Jesus opened the way. Jesus conquered death on the cross and the separation between men and God (i.e. the curtain before the Holy Place -- or the presence of God -- was torn and Jesus then filled that gap). He became the way to enter into the presence of God. To do so we must have 1) a sincere heart, 2) full assurance of our faith, 3) freedom from a sense of guilt for our sins based upon the once-for-all sacrifice of Jesus and 4) be cleansed by the new covenant - i.e. acceptance of Jesus as our savior. When we meet these conditions there is no longer a barrier between us and God. Any barriers are of our own creation because Jesus is the only thing between us and God if we are His.


Anonymous said...

Do you truly believe that everything that God withholds from us, is bad for us? I guess I would have used a different word.

Chris McClure aka Panhandle Poet said...

Anonymous: That is a very interesting question. Probably it is more of a case of God "tailoring" each of our "training" program to fit us individually so that the greatest ultimate good to us (i.e. growth in Christ/His will) will be the result.

But, if you look at the scripture and the context, he basically says that a parent isn't going to give their kid a snake to play with, they will give them something that will not harm them or that will bring them joy. That is where I get my thinking on the message of the scripture on prayer.

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