Sunday, September 9, 2007

Silliness and Healing

Sometimes you just have to be silly. We had a luau tonight to "celebrate" the start of a new church choir year. Each section put on a skit. It included "roasting" the director compliments of the Sopranos (the section - not the mob). Of course every luau needs a roast pig - so they dressed him in a pig costume.... He was a good sport about it.

Some weeks just seem to be filled with tension. Last week was one of those weeks. Starting this one with a luau will surely make it better. Of course, we are expecting the contractor to "get serious" with the kitchen renovation this week. Last week was only the preliminaries. This week we anticipate progress. Let us hope so. Let's hope it doesn't create new tension with having to live around the mess.

Duke is adjusting well to his cast. It has been very rainy the last few days so it has been difficult to keep it clean. It has also been difficult to limit his mobility. He wants to play and the cast doesn't seem to hinder him a lot. It's almost comical to see him carrying it around -- if it wasn't sad that he has one in the first place. Me and my big foot.

Duke and his cast reminds me of a lot of people -- probably me included. We go through life carrying burdens that shouldn't be there but were acquired through some incident in our life. We try to adjust and in a way, pretend that they are not there, but they sometimes get in the way. The only time they ever really go away is when true healing occurs. With Duke, it will be when the bone mends. With people, the only true healing is through Jesus Christ. He is the great physician. He can mend broken lives.


Janie said...

I bet he'll do well.

Sandy Kessler said...

he certainly has saved mine!!

Anonymous said...

"Only the dead have seen the end of woe"