Saturday, July 14, 2007

Around and Around He Goes!

It seems like I spent most of the day mowing. Well, I guess it was most of the day -- from around 2:00 until dark-thirty. I took one short 20 minute break to grab a bite of supper.

We have 4 acres. It takes a while to cover it with a mower -- even a good sized mower like I have (Toro EZCutter Z380). It was almost like swathing hay. The grass was over 12 inches high in some places. No, it's not all lawn. Most of it is in native pasture. The rains have been so good this year that it has really grown. I have to mow it to keep the undesirable grasses, weeds and cactus controlled. There's really not enough of it to graze. It's too dangerous to burn it. So, I mow. Usually once during the summer will do because it normally is dry for most of the summer and it doesn't grow. This year I have cut it twice and it will probably need to be cut at least one more time.

Seven hours on a mower gives you a lot of time to think. It reminds me of driving a tractor. You go round and round and your mind wanders. It's no big deal on the mower. I remember letting my mind drift while driving a tractor and waking up to find that I had plowed up a couple of hundred yards of cotton -- 8 rows of it! Not a good thing to do. Worse, I had to go back and plow it again to get the water furrows straight so that it could be irrigated later. Telling the farmer that I was working for was not fun. He took it well though. After the black cloud over his head dissipated, he just said, "That will teach you to let your mind wander."

All that time mowing I kept thinking that surely I would come up with some brilliant subject to post about. Sorry. All you get is an account of my mowing. How I love this exciting life I lead!


Anonymous said...

I keep my meadow mowed. Nothing looks or smells quite like a new mowed pasture .

Plowing, Sowing and an Occasional Harvest said...

I am glad that I am not the only one. I used to plow or shred 10 to 12 hours a day. I would come up with some of the most profound thoughts or "short sermons" on the tractor. It is amazing what the steady roar of a diesel engine will bring out. It puts all of my kids to sleep...the sermons would probably put them to sleep as well.

Ranando said...

How I love this exciting life I lead!

At least your living it and not someone mowing over the top of you.

I love getting out on my tractor and mowing or just playing around.

WomanHonorThyself said...

lol..someones gotta do it right!..heh