Sunday, April 1, 2007

No Nap Today

Normally Sunday is pretty much a day of rest for us. We go to church in the morning but after lunch is usually nap time. Today I missed my nap. I got out and sprayed the yard. Now I'm not talking about spraying for weeds, or fertilizing, or something like that, I'm talking about Roundup. I was spraying to kill. I want to kill the grass, the dandelions, everything. I have tried for three years to reclaim my yard from the mess that we bought and I've gotten nowhere except frustrated. I decided this year I would plow it up, level it, and re-seed it. The weather finally cooperated today. It is the first time that it has been warm enough, or dry enough, or still enough to spray it. I hope I got a good kill -- roots and all. There is stuff out there that no self-respecting person would put up with. I don't know what all of those weeds are, but they are tenacious and have spread every year in spite of everything I have done to defeat them. This is the last shot.

This must be the spring for projects. Besides the lawn, we are remodeling the kitchen. I posted a poem a couple of days ago about that. Yes, it really does cost twice as much for about half of what we thought we could do. Plus the yard. Plus I'm going to have to replace garage doors. And we would like to put in a nice rock patio. I think I'm in over my head. All these things we've put off have hit at once. Logically, the patio should come before the yard. I can't decide whether to jump in and try to do it before re-seeding, or to wait until later in the year. I'm running out of time to get grass established before the weather turns too hot. So, the patio will probably wait.

Killing the existing wild flora that we call a yard is just the first step. Next will be tilling it. Then raking all of the dead grass, etc. out that doesn't plow in. Then I will apply a good starter fertilizer -- I may have to apply a second kill to the growth after plowing -- then I will plow the fertilizer in, rake it level, pack it lightly, and then seed it. Then will come the water. It takes a lot of water to establish even drought tolerant species of grass. Then I get to fight the weeds all over again.

One of our sources of weed problems is that the land to the south of us (the direction from which our prevailing wind blows) is planted to the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP). When it was put into the program, they planted an inexpensive variety/mix of grasses. They are very invasive. They have spread across my lawn -- and they make lousy lawn grass. There are also lots of weeds in the CRP ground. They all spread their seed my way every time the wind blows. Yeah, I know. I'm just asking for the same problems with my newly re-seeded lawn, but I've got to try. I just can't stand the mess any longer.

We live in the country. A nice lawn shouldn't be a big deal to me I know. But, that isn't the way I was raised. Dad's lawn is always immaculate. I always enjoyed the feel of the lush grass. I have a niece and nephew that sometimes visit. They need a nice lawn to play in. Also, come July, I expect the first grand baby. She will need a nice lawn to play in as well. I've got to get a head start on it or I'll never get it established before she's ready to toddle out into it.

Oh well, it looks like my weekends, and evenings, and every spare minute are going to be occupied for quite some time. Stay tuned, I'll try and remember to keep you updated on the progress.

On another note, Ronnie, if you're reading this, know that Nancy and you are in our prayers.

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Ron said...

We thank each and every one for their thoughts and prayers. Your prayers are helping very much for they are being answered daily. Nancy is getting stronger day by day, and is almost ready to go into physical and occupational therapy.For God is good and God is great.
Also, in another light, keep up the great writing that you are doing.