Saturday, April 7, 2007

A Dark and Dreary Day

So far, we've had only a light dusting of snow. However, the forecasters continue to call for a chance through tomorrow night. Tonight, we are expecting a temperature in the low 20's. If the trees weren't damaged already, they will be after the hard freeze tonight. I should have expected this cold spell because the mesquite trees around here still have not budded and 3 of the 4 wild plums that I planted last year have yet to bud. Isn't it interesting how the "native" flora seem to know when spring is really here.

It's rather sad to look out at the green with a sprinklings of snow and know that much of that green will be black and rotting in a couple of days. That thought just adds to the dreariness of the day.

I guess it is appropriate for it to be a dreary day. In the context of Easter, this is the day that Jesus died on the cross. It was a day of great darkness about 2000 years ago. It would have been the point of greatest despair for the disciples. Until his death, there was still hope in their minds. Hope that he would miraculously come down from the cross and step into His Kingship. For them, all hope was gone. Little did they know the events that awaited them the next day.

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